Yes, there is a whole new world of the 3D and VR games now, and people are gradually moving from the old school gaming. But I am a big fan of retro gaming, and that’s why I always look for some useful and modern stuff to improve my performance in the classic games. I know there are still plenty of gamers like me who still love to play such games and that thing motivated me to create this website.

At USB SNES Controller, you will find the best products, detailed reviews, how to guides, and tutorials related to the old classic retro games. I will share the list of the best USB controller gamepads, the top rated Nintendo games, and other accessories for the Nintendo. Also, you will get detailed guides on how to pick up the right product for your Nintendo console depending on the games you play and your budget.

Whether you play games on the emulator on Windows, Mac, or a Raspberry Pi System, you always need a perfect controller to enjoy the game at its best. From the simple gamepads for the Xbox consoles to the high-end USB and Bluetooth enables controllers, I have tested many of them and figured out the top of them to let you have the worthy for your money.

No controller can replace the feeling of the original classic controller that comes with the Nintendo consoles. But, if you have accidentally have broken it up, or if you are going to make your own gaming rig, then you need something more powerful and useful than a keyboard to do right in those old school games. If you stay on this website, then you will not need to dig into the long forums, lengthy articles, and Amazon products reviews to find the best SNES controller and other accessories for the retro gaming.

If you have any query related to the classic NES and SNES gaming or have questions about the product reviews or articles on this site, then you can contact me anytime. I will be happy to help.

Enjoy Retro Gaming on your SNES.