Best PS3 Controller of 2019 – Get the Real Gaming Experience

Best PS3 Controller of 2019

You know the importance of a suitable controller while playing games, especially on your PlayStation 3 console, right? Here, I am providing the reviews of the best PS3 controllers which will take your gaming at the next level.

Today, a lot of action packed games are being introduced for the PlayStation and other gaming consoles. Due to such a high number of new games launch, there are some issues also occur regarding the stability, optimization, in-game controls, etc.

While the software related problems like refresh rates, response times, etc. which differ depending on the system specification and can be eliminated by getting the right combination, the game control totally depends on your skills and the controller you are using. To help you pick up the right PS3 controller, I have filtered the most sought devices based on the user reviews and expert opinions.

Best Controllers for PS3

1. Bek Design Blue Wireless Controller for PlayStation 3

Bek PS3 This WiFi device is one of the best aftermarket PS3 controllers available in the market today. Its attractive design with user-friendly operation makes it a favorite component of the gamers.

Features & specs of Bek Design WiFi PS3 Controller are:

  • This 2.4GHz wireless vibration controller comes with two analog joysticks & 4-way control buttons.
  • It is available in Blue, Black, and Red colors to give you a choice as per your preference.
  • This WiFi controller is rechargeable, so you can use it for a longer time without worrying about the replacements.
  • The first charge can take a little bit long of 10 hours, but after that, you will never have to look back from the optimal performance of the controller.
  • In the package, you will get one controller for your Sony PS3 console, and two thumbs stick grips caps.


2. IHK PS3 Controller WiFi Controller with Charger Cable

IHK Playstation 3The IHK wireless controller can provide precise and enjoyable gaming control in your high-end fast paced games on PS3. Its high sensitive motion control system will offer superior power in whichever contest you play on the console.

Let’s see what the PS3 Wireless Controller from IHK offers:

  • It has fast wireless connectivity through Bluetooth for an accurate game-play control.
  • There are two color options available; Blue and Black to help you choose your favorite one.
  • It comes with a super sensitive motion control system that will analyze and promptly response according to your inputs.
  • This device is rated as one of the best PS3 third-party controllers available in the market by both the experts and the users.
  • You will get two wireless controllers and one 6-foot charging cable in the package.


3. H3 GRUP Wireless Game Controller for PS3 

IHK 43237-2This excellent WiFi gaming controller by H3 GRUP is perfect for the Sony PlayStation gaming consoles, especially the third generation gaming units. In the package, all the required accessories will help you to enjoy game playing on your grey gaming devices.

Specifications & features of H3 GRUP PS3 Wireless Gaming Controller are:

  • The joysticks have 360-degree movement ability with high precision to allow you to get a smoother control in all the games you play.
  • It is perfect for all the PlayStation consoles and gives the best performance in FPS (First Person Shooter) games.
  • With an upgraded Bluetooth connectivity, you will get fast, reliable, and continuous connection always.
  • LED lights to indicate when you put the controllers in charging and turn off automatically to let you know when they are fully charged.
  • In the package, you will get two wireless PS3 controllers (Green and Skull Models) along with one charging USB cable of 6 feet length.


4. KLNO PS39 PS3 DualShock Wireless Controller

KLNO PS39With an experience of over 16 years in manufacturing gaming accessories, the KLNO designed this excellent working gaming controller with the WiFi capability. I have been using these controllers for one year and got no issues with them. Though I do not get hours in the weekends to play games on my PS, I am pretty sure that they will work correctly for the infinite gamers too.

Features and specifications of KLNO PS39 Wireless Controllers for the PlayStation 3 Console are:

  • It has a 10-meter wireless range which helps you to enjoy your games from a safe eye distance from the screen.
  • The high-quality Lithium-ion rechargeable battery works up to 19-24 hours for a break-free performance.
  • The 360-degree rotatable joysticks will help you to enjoy smooth and precise movements even in the fast-paced games.
  • It comes with three IC processors that ensure a fast & steady operation anytime you use the controllers.
  • You can choose your favorite model from four different color variants including Black, Interval Blue, Brassiness, and Spot Art Color.
  • You will get a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime software update service from the company.


5. OUBANG Sixaxis GamePad Controller for PS3

 OUBANG Best PS3From OUBANG, you will get a superior performer in the field of gaming controllers for PlayStation 3 devices. They help you to enjoy gaming in the first person shooting and racing games without any connection lagging.

Specifications & features of OUBANG Six axis PlayStation3 Controller are:

  • These controllers are specifically designed for the PS3 gaming consoles, so you will not need to check the system specifications to connect them.
  • The inbuilt rechargeable batteries deliver continuous performance for up to 8 hours.
  • The ergonomic design of the controller provides you comfort and operating smoothness.
  • There are two color options; Simple Blue and Spark Blue.
  • In the box, there are one PS3 controller, one USB charging cable, and two thumb stick caps.
  • You will get a lifetime warranty from the company to have a hassle-free purchase.


6. CHENGDAO Wireless Gamepad for PlayStation 3

CHENGDAO PS3 The PS3 controllers from CHENGDAO can be the best replacement for your outdated or malfunctioned Sony gaming controller devices. This professional-grade controller will provide you superior performance compared to the other models in the same category.

Specifications and features of CHENGDAO Dual Shock WiFi PS3 Controllers are:

  • The ergonomic design of the controller device fits perfectly in your hands to deliver smooth performance.
  • It comes with high and accurate sensibility helps to get the best control in the games like FIFA, LEGO, GTA, NBA, NHL, Madden, etc.
  • The large capacity battery with 450mAh power can run up to 8 hours.
  • It comes with two inbuilt shock motors and a six-axis motion control sensor for excellent playing experience.
  • You can choose your favorite from the four color options including Black, Red & Black, Skull, and Skull & Galaxy.
  • You will get a 30-day money back guarantee from the company along with user-friendly customer service to make a worry-free purchase.


7. Kolopc Wireless Gamepad Remote for PS3 

Kolopc 2 PS3 PlaystationIf you are looking for awesome PS3 controllers, then you should have a look at the devices from Kolopc. Just charge the controllers for ten minutes when you use them for the first time and then you will enter the world of enhanced enjoyment of your PlayStation 3 games for hours without any break.

Features & specifications of PS3 Gamepad Remote from Kolopc are:

  • The universal design of the controller makes it perfectly comfortable for almost any gamer palms. So, you can buy it for your own or as a gift to your friend or relative without any confusion.
  • The lithium battery is rechargeable which provides hours of enjoyment in your PlayStation 3 games. Even if the controller is out of battery power and you are in the middle of the game, then you can continue playing by using the charging cables.
  • It comes with six-axis support on a highly proper motion sensing control system to quickly detect & response to any move you make on the controller.
  • In the package, you will get dual wireless controllers and USB charging cables.
  • You will get a 45-day replacement or refund warranty from the company to get a 100% satisfaction on your purchase.


Best Third-Party PS3 Controller Buying Guide

Purchasing a gaming controller is a confusing task, not only because there are tons of products in the market, but also due to the types of games you love to play on your beloved gaming device. There are controllers which meant for some specific kind of gaming. Let’s see some important factors that can help you to buy the right gaming component.

Type of Game

As I said before, some controllers are specifically designed for particular kinds of games like FPS, Racing games, etc. So, check the list of your favorite games and see whether the model you are viewing has the support for those games or not.

Battery Capacity

Most of the top-rated gaming controllers have an uptime of about 8 hours on the batteries, and after that, you can continue playing through USB connection until you recharge them. But, I still advise to check the battery capacity and whether the package includes the batteries for the PS3 joystick controller or not.


An excellent PS3 controller comes with a good wireless operating range. The more range you can get, the better your eyesight will be. A safe distance help to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Moreover, it gives a pleasant viewing experience too.

Warranty & Price

You should check the warranty period of the product you are purchasing and see what kind of customer support the company is providing. Also, calculate your budget and decide which product is fitting into it. There is nothing wrong in spending a few extra bucks on getting the best product in the category.


I hope the above reviews and buying guide will help you to get the best gaming controllers for your PlayStation 3 gaming console. It is vital to pick up the right product according to the gaming requirements and budget. That’s why I shared this post here.

Which kind of games you mostly play on your PS3? Which of the above controller do you think will suit your needs? You can share your inputs in the below section. And if you have any query regarding any product or compatibility of your PS3, then don’t forget to contact USB SNES Controllers to get the solution.

Now, I stop here and going to play GTA. See yaa!

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