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Is SNES Classic Worth it?

Many people rejoiced when Super NES (SNES) Classic was announced.  It is a classic play-n-plug console that comes with a built-in 21 games. These games have several favorite games from many genres such as Super Mario World, Contra III, and many more. Nintendo fans might want to buy this edition after the last years launch NES Classic that was unavailable for past few months.

Is SNES Classic Worth it?

NES Classic had pre-installed 30 hit-or-miss games, but when it comes to SNES Classic, it has all the incredible games loved by fans. To know in-depth what all this edition has let’s check out its key features and specifications:

Specifications and Features

  • SNES has 16-bit games over the 8-bit in NES Classic. This edition also has some improvements as compared to NES.
  • The pre-installed games in SNES also include Star Fox 2 which is the major attraction for the Nintendo fans to buy this product.
  • The console is shipped with a second controller which makes it a fun game session to have with your friends or family.
  • Apart from the console, it comes with an HDMI cable and a power cable.
  • There are hook-up instructions given on the back.
  • The price for the SNES Classic is $80 which is a good price point for such amazing games.

I am sure after reading the specifications you want to buy this right away probably. But wait there is much more than this. Some reasons might want you to reconsider your decision. To make it easy for you I am going to list down the positive reasons as well as the negative ones. You can go through the list, and I will also share my final verdict in this article.

The reasons to Buy SNES Classic

Is SNES Classic Worth it?

If you like playing games with your friends, then this is the one for you. As there is a second controller in the box, you can now play fun games like Super Mario Kart and relive your childhood. You don’t have to spend more money on the extra controller.

The game line-up of SNES Classic is impressive. Right from Mega Man x, Street Fighter II Turbo, Mario Kart, to The Legend of Zelda it has it all. Also, it is the only official way to Star Fox 2 the sequel to the legendary Nintendo dogfighting game.

The price point is something I consider before investing in such consoles. It is definitely cheaper than the NES Classic. It is an excellent deal to get two controllers for $80.

The reasons that you can give it a pass for buying this edition

The first reason will be the fact that you can’t download games into SNES Classic. Like the NES Classic, this edition is also a closed system, and hence you cant install new games.

Secondly, if you are someone who doesn’t like to sit closer to the TV, then the length of the cable will disappoint you. The cable is no longer than 5 feet which were almost 8 feet longer that came original SNES controller. This edition is better than the last one as NES had 2.5 feet long cable only.

There are many games from the SNES edition that you can buy from the virtual Nintendo 3S. It includes the most loved Super Mario Kart, and also there are many games available online that are not included in SNES Classic.

The Final Remarks

Is SNES Classic Worth it?

Alright, to sum it up I would say that although there are reasons to not buy it you can still give it a shot. It is definitely better than NES Classic in terms of game line, cable length and much more. Nintendo has worked on this edition, and it shows. The price point is really impressive. Also, if you are a person who wants to experience all the nostalgic moments of your childhood, this is worth it. There are screen borders in SNES Classic which were missing in NES Classic which gives it a good touch. 

I genuinely enjoyed playing games with the SNES Classic with my friends, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others. The game library makes it a special one, and you can gift this to your friends and family. I think that it is compact, durable, affordable as compared to the previous edition and worth it.

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