Best Joy Con charger – Top reviewed Nintendo Switch chargers for you

Best Joy Con charger

Joy-Cons are accurately named, don’t you think? Playing with them brings immense joy! This is why Nintendo Switch users absolutely love the controller.

But, what when you have to charge it? Well, if you just have one controller, you can plug it to the console. It will charge easily and quickly. This seems to be a superb solution until you start playing with your friends. Multi-player games require multiple controls. How do you charge them all?

We have the answer for you – Nintendo Switch chargers! 

These neat accessories will enable you to charge all your Joy-Con controllers together and remove the need to wait as 1 controller charges. Imagine all the time you will lose by doing so. Or, don’t imagine anything and let us do our job of helping you out.

In the market, we unearthed multiple Joy-Con chargers that are reliable and affordable at the time. Seeing the demand and the number of queries we receive about the same, we decided to share our favorites with you. Please keep reading.



Insten Joy-Con charger

Nyko Charge Block

Switch Joy-Con Controller Charger

Nintendo Switch Charger – Orbeet

PowerA Controller Charger 



Our Recommendation for Best Joy-Con charger

1. Insten Joy-Con charger

Insten Joy-Con charger

Insten is a 4-in-1 charger with an LED indicator. This means that it is functional and cool at the same time, allowing you to charge 4 controllers together. Here’s why you should buy it:

  1. When the LED light turns blue while the controllers are charging. Green indicates go-time!
  2. The charger is safe to use without any risks of voltage fluctuations.
  3. It has a wide base that you can place on any surface. Its non-slip grip will ensure that it stays in place without moving unnecessarily.
  4. The base has a micro-USB port where you plug the cable in. The other end of the cable can go into your power bank or computer. The dock comes with a cable (Micro-USB to USB). So, you don’t have to buy it separately.
  5. Simply plug it in and charge your Joy-Cons quickly!


2. Nyko Charge BlockNyko Charge Block

Nyko is such a popular brand for Joy-Cons that even Amazon couldn’t resist listing as a top choice! You can charge 4 Joy-Cons together on this charging block very seamlessly. Let’s see what sets it apart:

  1. The dock’s design is very user-friendly. You just have to slide the Joy-Con in, and it will stay in place as it charges.
  2. Its LED light will tell you when the controllers are fully charged. No guessing here!
  3. It comes with a cable that you can use to plug into a USB port. You can also use an adapter for a wall outlet. The charger comes with both!
  4. You can use the charger not just for your Nintendo Switch but also for PS4 and Xbox. 
  5. The charging block is made out of plastic, but it isn’t of cheap quality at all. In fact, it does the job quite wonderfully.


3. Switch Joy-Con Controller Charger

Switch Joy-Con Controller Charger

This charger for Switch controllers is very convenient and aesthetic. Like many others, it can charge 4 controllers at the same time, readying you for an adventurous, interruption-free gaming session! Its highlights are as follows:

  1. The LED indicator will turn green when the controllers are fully charged. While they are charging, the light color will be red.
  2. The charger comes with many protective features such as protection chips. They help keep the controllers safe from over-voltage, circuit fluctuations, high temperatures, etc.
  3. The manufacturers say that the charging speed is comparable to official chargers. This means that the wait time is less.
  4. The charger doesn’t just charge Joy-Cons. You can use it for Pro controllers as well.


4. Nintendo Switch Charger – Orbeet

Nintendo Switch Charger

The Orbeet charger is a 4-in-1 dock that has been designed professionally for fast charging. It perfectly fits 4 Joy-Cons together without congestion or lack of space. Find out more about this portable charger here:

  1. It has 2 extra USB interfaces so that you charge other devices such as phones along with your Joy-Cons.
  2. The charger is lightweight, solid, and durable.
  3. It has a blue light indicator that shows that the controllers are charging. When fully charged, it switches off.
  4. Its base is steady and non-slip. This allows you to place it anywhere without issues.
  5. The charger is also an excellent way to organize your game area as it holds all the controllers in one place.


5. PowerA Controller Charger – Joy-Con and Pro

PowerA Controller Charger – Joy-Con and Pro

If you do not trust third-party vendors and only prefer official chargers, you will like this one. The PowerA charger has officially been licensed by Nintendo. Needless to say, it is among the best options out there. But what are its features? We have listed them here:

  1. You can use the charger for 2 Joy-Cons and 1 Pro controller simultaneously.
  2. It has a slide-in design that’s comfortable and easy-to-use.
  3. One of the features we absolutely love is that it has 3 separated LED indicators, one for each port. This means you will have individual charging statuses.
  4. Its weighted base keeps it in place without the risk of movement or slipping.
  5. On the underside, you will find a USB cable wrap. This comes handy during the organization because it ensures that the cable is neatly tucked inside when not in use.


All these chargers have proven to be reliable and safe. You are free to make the final choice depending on your preferences. We can assure you that no matter which one you pick, you will be happy. Never run out of battery from now. Have fun playing!

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