Is The Nintendo Switch Touch Screen? Know How to Utilize it

Is The Nintendo Switch Touch Screen

Are you feeling bored with playing games on your Playstation, XBOX or PC?

Are you feeling messed up with the TV consoles, handheld consoles, and PC games?

Want to integrate all your favorite gaming available in different gaming consoles and PC?

The solution for all these problems is the new Nintendo Switch. This device is filled with lots of latest features that make it perfect in all aspects of gaming and portability. This device offers some of the popular features with its portable build that makes this device rank higher than other gaming consoles.

Is The Nintendo Switch Touch Screen

Is the Nintendo Switch Touch Screen? 

Nintendo Switch: As the name suggests, this device is switchable. You can play games in three different ways on this device:

  • This device can be played as a handheld device like a PSP.
  • The controllers provided with this device can be removed by sliding off from it. It makes the display a separate part, which can be used as a portable TV.
  • You can slide the screen of Nintendo Switch into the Doc station, connect it with the HDMI cable to your TV & play with Bluetooth controllers provided with it.

The display of this device is 6.2 inches in size. It has a resolution of 1280p x 720p, which makes it an HD display. The color contrast & the brightness levels of this display are excellent when it comes to in-hand play mode. This device has an improved screen when compared with its previous gaming consoles. Also, the feature of auto-brightness is provided, which works pretty well.

Surprisingly this device has a multi-touch capacitive display that works perfectly. There is no touch response latency on this device. The display response to my touch is similar to my Galaxy S7. But the device supports touch only in its user interface i.e.; touchscreen works in the home screen, settings, eShop, etc. 

You can select multiple screenshots at a time and can edit it, delete it or can add some text in it, but can’t use the touchscreen while playing games. Yes, you read it right, my dear friend, while gaming, you have to use the controllers provided with the console.

But the best thing about the touchscreen that I liked the most is that we can use the touchscreen shows an excellent response while seeing the 360-degree view of the screenshot. There will be updates soon for allowing touchscreen to work on a few games.

Joy-Cons and Nintendo Switch Touch Screen

The controllers of this device make it stand out from other gaming consoles. And also, they are the reason that makes it a switchable device. These handy controllers are called Joy-Cons. There are two of them with the console. They can be used by a single player or can be divided between two individual players depending upon the game being played. Also, while playing a multiplayer game, we can pair more than two joy-cons with a single device.

Joy-Cons and Nintendo Switch Touch Screen

These joy-cons come with a lot of features in it. They use sensors for different detections in the device. The gyroscopic sensor & accelerometer are used for sensing the motion of the hand gestures done by the player. The infrared tracking sensor is used for object detection. The haptic feedback feature is also provided in the controllers so that the game can communicate with the user.

These features of the joy-cons are like the PS move features. But, the best part about the Nintendo joy-cons is that they are a lot more handy & portable when compared with PS Move.

Does Switch Have Touch Screen?

The reason behind the increase in the popularity of this game is cross-platform games. Yes, this device comes with some high rated games which you have already played on your XBOX, PlayStation or PC. It is because the console has the NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor, which tries to give the performance like XBOX and PlayStations.

The most popular games of XBOX & PlayStation, such as Fortnite Minecraft Rocket League, are also available on the Nintendo switch. You can get these games from the Nintendo e-shop or can buy the physical game card which needs to be put in the game card slot of the console display.

The Bottom Line

I hope this article has helped you in knowing every aspect of Nintendo Switch. If you are there with me till now, then I would recommend you to buy this device to have an out of box experience of gaming with consoles. Happy Gaming! 🙂

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